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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Renee!

We had a few people over to celebrate Renee's day, she felt the love! A good time as had by all! Here are a few images from the celebration...

A sweet card from our favorite 4-year-old Mackenzie...

A sweet cake from Maxie B's...

Thanks to Frank for this shot!

Today is Renee's big day! She really has "blossomed", hasn't she? :-)
She wouldn't really kill me for revealing how old she is, but a gentleman doesn't do that sort of thing, does one?

Leave her your best birthday wishes by clicking on the "comments" link below! —Jonathan


  1. Happy Birthday Renee! Hope it'a a great one! Julia and Mickey

  2. What a Beauty!

    Happy Birthday

    Mom & Dad

  3. I hope you had a great birthday!! Cant wait to see you soon! Love Joy

  4. Happy Birthday Renee!
    All the girls @ Maxie B's!

  5. Happy Birthday Renee! It was so nice meeting you at our wedding last weekend--you guys were absolutely wonderful! I hope that you had a great birthday!!

    -Jonathan and Candice Stovall

  6. Happy Birthday, Renee!!!

    Jill and Dave Dunbar

  7. Happy b'day Renee. Kristin and I enjoyed your get together. Thanks for having us over :)


  8. Happy Birthday, Renee! I just found your site through your MySpace page. Rob V.


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