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Monday, April 30, 2007

April and Jarrell

We loved shooting April and Jarrell's wedding! Everyone was super nice, and as you can see, the couple of the day was easy on the eyes... the ceremony was at Tabernacle Methodist Church, and the reception was at the Crystal Gardens at Castle McCulloch.

The happy couple...

A special greeting... (photo by Renee)

I just like this shot...

I just like this shot too...

Outside the Castle... (photo by Renee)


Cake by Ganache, flowers by Central Floral Gardens

The beautiful bride... (photo by Renee)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Whitney and Mike

We took a stroll around Greensboro's Bicentennial Park today with Whitney and Mike, who are getting married this July... we had to dodge around girls in prom dresses, a dance team, and a bride (all getting their photos taken as well)... but we had a great time. The wedding should be a blast!

Photo by Renee McCardell...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Amber and Nick

Saturday's weather was gorgeous, so Amber, Nick, Renee and I went for a walk around downtown Greensboro. They're a super nice couple getting married on August 4. If Saturday was any indication, they will make my job an easy one!

The happy couple...

"N" is for Nick

Nick is a fireman, so we stopped by the old firehouse...

In your eyes...

Down by the ballpark...

We used the sun to our advantage...


Friday I spent some time photographing Caden... what a bundle of energy! Typical 4-year-old boy: into playing in the dirt, cars, and generally running around as fast as possible. Even with a fast camera, he's tough to catch!

He has a super-cool Mustang!

Future heart-breaker

We tired him out for about one second

Impromptu science lesson

With Mom Meagan

How Sweep it is!

Huge weekend for the Red Sox! They took three straight games from the Yankees, which included a 5-run comeback on Saturday, and biggest of all - 4 straight home runs in the 3rd inning on Sunday. They couldn't hold back A-Rod on Friday (2 HRs), but it was cool that he was the final out of the series. But they are the Yankees, and I fully expect this season to go down to the wire. Should be fun to watch.

Taken from my TV: Mike Lowell had two homers and was MVP of Sunday's game

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bridle Portrait

Renee and I went over to Winston-Salem to have a free indroductory riding lesson at Cash Lovell Stables... it was Renee's first EVER time on a horse, and it had been about 20 years for me... anyway, I think we are naturals! If you are into horses, this is the stable to visit. Everyone was so friendly!

Here I am with "JJ"

Renee with her trusty steed, "Spirit"

The fearless duo

Snack time

In for a kiss...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Week

This week we were happy to have my parents in town for a visit - so good to have them around, and once my mom retires we are hoping they will move up here permanently. On Easter Sunday we took a trip out to the mountains of Boone, NC to visit my cousin and his family for dinner. A good time was had by all, but it was just too short a visit. And with snow on the ground... too cold!

Mom works out a lot... she is a big fan of spinning - she looks great!

Dear old Dad - Proud to be an Irishman!

Savannah is a bit shy... but I managed to get a few shots of her and her wild hair...

Sammy is the latest addition to the family... he's 9 months old, and wears clothes for 12-month olds - he's solid!

I didn't catch the cat's name, but he "posed" for me...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Jennifer's Bridal Portrait

I traveled down to Salisbury on a beautiful spring day to photograph an equally beautiful Jennifer. Hurley park was in full bloom! Below are a few of my favorites - I can't wait until the wedding!