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Monday, June 1, 2009

Greensboro wedding photography: Jenifer & Devon, the wedding

On Saturday, Jenifer and Devon tied the knot and we were there to capture it! The day was super-smooth... what more could you ask for? Take a peek at some of the special moments of the day. And don't forget to leave the newlyweds a message!

The happy couple...

Little Shelley had no problem occupying herself until her flowergirl duties were needed...

Just married!

An artsy portrait...

Everyone asked to see the rings...

First cut...

She looks mischievous, but Jen was nice...

The shoes came off and the party got started...

And they danced into the night! Congrats guys!


  1. Love the preview of the pics! Can't wait to see them all! Shelley was thrilled to see herself and her friend, Lexi!

  2. I love these photos! Such a wonderful day!

  3. these are wonderful pictures guys. i'm glad your day was everything you wished for. ;)

  4. Jenifer and Devon...in all the pictures I have seen thus far you two look amazing...the look in your eyes...the smiles...blessings and happiness sure to follow you both in marriage! Congratulations!


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