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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lindsey and Bryan, the engagement

On Saturday morning we stopped by Duke Chapel and the American Tobacco Campus for some photos of Lindsey and Bryan... it was surprisingly warm, so we stayed in the shade, and got some great shots! We had a great time... see you again in June!


  1. SOOO exciting...we love them so far...now I just can't wait to see all of them!! Bryan loves the stair one and the one of us close up by the bricks...I love both of those and the one of us laying down and the one of my hand on the back of his neck...basically all of them...and the one with the chapel in the background! lol you guys did a great job...let me know when we can start ordering =) I have excitement that the wedding pics will be just as great!!

  2. Very nice job guys. The bride-to-be looks so relaxed and you did a great job capturing it.



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